Click here to access the operator’s website, and follow the instructions below.

1. When on the operator’s website, click on the mention; “Meld je zonnepanelen aan”.

2. Enter your postal code, and choose the right area.

3. After choosing the right area, click on the green button where it says; “Zonnepanelen aanmelden”.

4. Once again, kindly enter your postal code and click on “Zoek”.

5. Once again, click on the corresponding area.

6. Kindly enter the EAN number of your electrical installation. Then, click on “Zoek” and the website will show your address.

7. If the address is correct, you can click on “Verder” to go further. If not correct, click on “niet juist” just under the address.

8. After checking the address, make a choice in the type of production by selecting “Zonne-Energie (PV)”. Now, click on “Verder” to go further.

9. Here you need to enter four specific characteristics of your pv-system. This information is to be found in the ACA report - page 1 for the kVA data, and page 2 for the kW data.

  • 1. Aantal zonnepanelen = Number of panels

  • 2. Totaal piekvermogen panelen = Total peak power panels 

  • 3. Max AC vermogen van de omvormer(s) van deze melding = Max AC power of the inverter(s) you are registering

  • 4. Keuringsdatum = ACA certification date

10. Below is a representation of how the specific fields need to be filled in.

11. Select “Nee” on all three questions, then proceed by pressing on “Verder”.

12. Give consent on the declaration by checking the squared box and clicking on “Verder”.

13. A page will appear on which you can upload the inspection report, the single-wire diagram and the certificate of conformity of your inverter(s). After selecting a document you have to press "Laad op" to start the actual uploading. This procedure has to be repeated for the other documents. After you have successfully uploaded the documents click on “Verder”.



In the example below, three documents have been added.

  • 1. Rapport Arei

  • 2. Schéma unifilaire 

  • 3. Attestation de conformité - SOLAX/SOLAREDGE

 Of course, it is not necessary to use French names, this is just an example. You can use the Dutch names 'keuringsverslag', 'ééndraadschema' and 'gelijkvormigheidsattest' is the name of your documents.

14. Here you need to feel in all necessary contact details - your personal details and those of the installer (Sungevity). At this stage, your home address should already be filled in (as seen in the screenshot below). Make sure you select “Contactpersoon” 1, and retype your email address in “Herhaal e-mailadres” 2. After having completed the required fields you can click on “Verder”.

15. After entering your personal details, you should now enter those of the installer (Sungevity) as follows: 

  • Naam bedrijf: Sungevity Belgium BV

  • KBO-nummer: 0659680172

  • BTW-plichtig: Ja 

  • Telefoonnummer: (+32) 03 808 6480

  • E-mail: x2 

  • Straatnaam: Quellinstraat 24

  • Huisnummer: 24

  • Postcode + Gemeente: 2018, Antwerpen

  • Land: Belgie 

After filling in the above information you can click on “Verder”.

16. You have to enter your personal details once again after filling in the installer’s details. As the below screenshot shows, select “Nee” and click on the icon written: “gegevens overnemen van de aanvrager”. Your contact details will automatically be filled in. Once these are in, you can click on “Verder”.

17. Once all the above steps are completed, you need to verify that your details are correct. The below screenshots can support you on this last stage. Also make sure that all aspects on the left side of the screen are checked in green. 


18. Once you have done the check up, you need to click on “Bevestig”. You will then receive an email with a reference number. This number will be asked at all your interactions with Sibelga.

You’re all done - And Sibelga will inform you if there is anything else that they require from you.