This manual is intended for the production meter of the type Sungate by the brand Xemex. Do you have a different type of production meter? Then look for the manual for the production meter of the Landis+Gyr brand here.

The meter registers the electricity generated by your solar panels. This way we can continue to guarantee our SunSure warranty. The meter automatically sends the meter readings to Sungevity to show your production data in your personal MySungevity portal.


De Sungate heeft vier LEDs waarmee de status van de meter wordt aangegeven. Hieronder kun je voor elke LED teruglezen wat de LED inhoudt en of je eventueel actie moet ondernemen.

The Sungate has four LED's that indicate the status of the meter. Below you can read what each LED means and whether any action might have to be taken.


This LED should be on continuously. If this is the case then the meter is connected to the network. Is the led blinking? Then the meter tries to (re)connect. This could sometimes take a while. Does the LED continu to blink or is it off? Then please contact us so we can have a look.


This LED indicates whether the inverter production is registered correctly. Is the LED on? Then the connection is good. Does the LED blink or is it off? Then please contact us.


This LED indicates the signal strength. If the LED is on continuously the signal is strong. If it's flashing the signal is okay. No action needs to be taken in this case. Does the LED go off? Then also contact us so we can look for a solution.


Is everything okay? Then this LED will not be on. In case one or more errors are registered by the meter, the LED will light up. In that case please contact us.