The organization Omnik, the company of your inverter, is unfortunately bankrupt. On May 26th 2021, we sent an email with more details about this. Due to Omnik's bankruptcy, the Omnik monitoring portal is not available anymore.

Use of the new monitoring portal 

There is a new portal for owners of Omnik inverters, the Solarman portal. You can login on with the same login credentials as your Omnik portal. If you purchased Sunsure from us then you can use the Solarman portal and MySungevity free of charge as long your product warranty is valid (10 years after installation).

If you cannot login with your old credentials on Solarman, then click on ‘forgot password?’. Fill in your e-mailadress and click on send. You will receive an e-mail with the verification code. Copy the code and go back to the previous Solarman webpage. Fill in the code, your e-mail address and your new password.

Is it still not possible to sign in into your account? Then please send us a ticket by clicking this link here.


Solarman also has an app for mobile phones and tablets. This app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Production details

Your inverter registers exactly how much energy you produce. Did you know that you can find production data on the display of your Omnik inverter?