Color variations can be detected in the solar panels. These do not affect the yield and are therefore not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. How this is possible is explained below. 

The ARC anti-reflection coating ensures that as much light as possible enters the panel. It also contributes to the self-cleaning ability of the panels. The coating influences the reflection in combination with the light intensity. This is more noticeable at low light intensities, for example in cloudy weather. The layer thickness of the coating is not always the same, so that the light on the panels refracts differently. Cloud cover also creates an uneven refraction of light, which enhances the effect. This means that we see panels with different colors, while it actually concerns differences in refraction. With more (sun) light this is less or not perceptible. The factory has several production lines next to each other, each with its own pallet of glass plates and cells. At the end of the production process, the panels are extensively tested for performance and technical parameters, after which they are sorted by power. In this way the factory can guarantee that the panels with the same power come together on a pallet. As a result, the yield in the solar panel installation is optimal, if panels from the same batch are used.