Only applicable to people living in Flanders

Premium for solar panels: where can I find the G-number of my system?

If someone wants to apply for a one-off premium for solar panels at grid provider Fluvius, a G-number is necessary. This number will be provided by Fluvius themselves. In case you haven't you received a G-number yet, please contact Fluvius.

On Fluvius' website you can find all relevant information regarding the application process for this premium:

Below we'll provide a quick overview of issues for which you can contact either Sungevity or Fluvius.

  1. Sungevity installs your solar system and arranges its inspection. Afterwards, Sungevity sends you the required documents (the single line schematic, the certificate of conformity and the inspection report) by email. With these, you can register your system at Fluvius.
    For question regarding the details you need for registering your system you can contact your Sungevity project manager.

  1. As a customer it's your own responsibility to register the system at Fluvius within 30 days after its inspection, through: Fluvius will process this application and will send you a confirmation. In this message you'll also find the G-number, this is the identification number of your system.

For question regarding the registration on the Fluvius website and the confirmation of your application you can contact Fluvius.

  1. When you meet the conditions for the premium, you can apply for this one-off premium on the Fluvius website within 3 months after the first day of operation of the system. For this, you need the G-number of your system.


For questions regarding this premium, the application process and the G-number you can contact