In most cases you don't have to do this yourself, but the installer will take care of it on the day of the installation. If however on this day no-one is at home who knows the wifi-code, you'll have to set up the connection yourself.

If you have difficulties with the wifi-connection of your Solax inverter, you can find information about how to fix this hereIf there is an issue, we unfortunately cannot view your Solax portal. However, Solax can help you out. Using the serial number of the wifi-stick (wifi-dongle), they are able to look into customer portals. Keep this serial number at hand when you contact Solax.

Before you start:

  • Always go through these steps during the day, when there is sufficient daylight to generate electricity and the inverter is switched on.

  • Preferably use your PC or laptop, this works better than a tablet or smartphone.



Step 1: Connect the wifi-stick to the inverter


  1. Connect the wifi-dongle or wifi-stick to the inverter.

In the images below, you can see on which input (at the bottom of the inverter) you should connect the wifi-stick.


X1-Mini                                                                                X1-Air

X1-Boost                                                                                X3

  1. Start up your laptop or PC and click on the internet icon in your taskbar to open you internet access options.


  1. Search in the list of available networks for the network that starts with ‘Wifi_S*********’. This is the wifi-network of the inverter/wifi-stick.

  2. Select this network and click on ‘Connect’.

    Note: this is just an example, your list of wifi-networks will look differently.
    The part marked green is your own registration number.


Step 2: Coupling the router and the inverter



  1. Open your internet browser (for example Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge).

  2. Type in the address bar and press Enter.

  3. A login screen will appear. In both fields, fill in 'admin' and press ‘OK'.
    Or, in case of a new dongle, fill in 'admin' as username and as password the 
    registration number/serial number of the dongle.



4. The following screen will appear:

5. Click on ‘Find AP’.

6. In the list of networks, select the your own home wifi-network. The name of your network will then automatically be filled in at 'SSID'.

7. At ‘Key’, fill in your wifi-password.

8. Click on ‘Save’ and wait about 15 seconds. Then press ‘Return’.

If there are numbers filled in after ‘IP Status’, your wifi-stick or wifi-dongle is succesfully connected and you can close your internet browser.

It is possible that a message appears on your screen that no connection can be made. This is correct, since you are now connected to the wifi of the inverter and not with the router.

9. Using the internet icon in the taskbar of your PC or laptop, log back in to your own wifi-network.

Step 3: Register the inverter in the Solaxcloud

When you login the for the first time, you'll have to register to be able to use the Solaxcloud.

Preferable use your PC or laptop and not your phone.



  1. Go to




  1. Click on 'Create a new account'

  2. Fill in the requested details


At ‘Registration No.’ (registration number), fill in the serial number visible on the bottom of your wifi-stick (see image below).


At ‘System Size’, fill in the combined power of your solar panels, in kilowattpeak (kWp). This number can also be found on the completion document (opleverdocument) of your pv-system.


Now click on the maps-icon shown next to ‘The Location’.

Note: if you use a VPN-connection, this icon might not appear. Temporarily disabeling this connection will solve this.


The following screen will appear: 

            Enter your address in the search field and click on the magnifying glass to localize your house. If necessary you can manually adjust the red marker by clicking on the map. When the marker is at the correct location, press 'Save' at the bottom of the map.

  1. After you have filled in all details correctly, click on ‘Create a new account’.

The registration is now complete!

You can now login at

For this, use the username and password you just created at 'Step 3: Register the inverter in the Solaxcloud'.

Now that you have an account, you can also install the Solax Cloud App on your phone. For logging into this app, use the same username and password.