This is the manual for the Landis+Gyr production meter. Do you have a Xemex Sungate meter? Then you can find the manual here.

This meter registers the electricity produced by your solar panels and sends this data automatically to Sungevity. This allows you to view your production data in your personal monitoring portal.

1: Operating the meter

With the use of the green button the data shown on the display can be adjusted. In case of a question or issue, we might ask you to press this button a couple of this to display specific information.

2: Display

The display of the meter shows, among other things, the total generation. At the bottom of this page you can find more information about the data shown on the display.

3: Serial number

This is a unique serial number of the meter. It can be useful in case there are questions or issues you want to report to Sungevity.

4: Control light

This light will blink when you're generating electricity. The more electricity you generate, the faster the light will blink.

5: Light below exclamation mark

This light will shine when the meter is connected to your inverter, but is not yet registered on your online portal. It can sometimes happen that this light will shine when it didn't before. In this case, there might be something wrong with the meter itself, although this is not necessarily the case. If you contact Sungevity, we can find out whether the meter has to be checked or else make sure the light will be switched off.

6: Light below the plug-sign

This light will blink regularly (1 second on, 1 second off) when the meter is correctly installed and connected to the GSM network. If this light is green with only an occasional blink, the meter is not (yet) registered on the GSM network.


The display as shown on the image below is on the front side of the meter. The main data shown on the display is discussed below.

Beware: the display shows a different image every 5 seconds.

1. Total production (in kWh) [depending on the display code; see point 3]

2. This indicates the type of meter. If you have a three-phase meter, L1-L2-L3 will be shown here. If you have a single-phase meter, only L1 will be shown.

3. The code shown here indicated the type of data provided on the display. The most important codes are 2.8.1 and 96.12.15. Code 2.8.1 indicates that the display is showing the total electricity generated by the pv-system (in kWh). If code 96.12.15 is visible, the signal strength of the GPRS network will be shown.

4. This sign indicates that the meter is measuring electricity flow.

5. The arrow at the top left has to point towards the left. In case this arrow points right, the meter is connected the wrong way around. In that case, the solar panels will work, but the monitoring won't.