Please choose the applicable heading for former or new home owner:

Information, when you move

Are you moving or have you moved? Then please transfer your solar system to the new home owner:

With the permission of the new resident, create a ticket (or write to: with the following information,

- Zip-code (Postcode) and house number:

- Date of handing over the keys:

- Full name of the new occupant:

- Mobile phone of the new occupant:

- Email address of the new occupant:

When selling, hand over your invoice (this counts as the warranty-certificate) to the new occupant.
After you have handed over the keys, we will change the portal login for the new resident. This must be done by us.

Was your switchboard adjusted after installing your PV/Solar-system? Then we would like to see a photo of the switchboard and a close-up photo of the fuses for the PV system so we can read the text written upon the fuses/switches.
Please let us know if you have installed a smart-meter after installing the solar panels.

Information for new residents

Have you purchased a house with a Sungevity solar system?

Then please send the following information to us via a ticket or email:

- Zip-code (Postcode) and house number

- Date of handing over the keys:

- Your full name:

- Your mobile phone number:

- Your email address:

We will create your monitoring portal the day after you get the keys to your new property. Within 10 working days, you will receive the login details and a manual explaining how to bring the solar-system online. We will also send you more details regarding your system and warranty and answer any questions you may have.

Make sure you inform your energy supplier and home contents insurance company that you have solar panels.

Important: We would like to ask you to switch off the inverter during renovations. There is a DC switch at the bottom of the inverter, this should be set to OFF or 0. The group of solar panels in the switchboard can also be switched off. There is a '' Sungevity '' sticker on the main switchboard of the house, please turn that switch off. If there is no sticker, instead maybe PV or ZP is written next to it. If you have adjusted or extended the main switchboard, please let us know by mail and send us a picture of your switchboard and a close-up photo of the fuses for the PV system so we can read the text written upon the fuses/switches.

We recommend installing a smart meter if there is not one already. This gives you better insight and control over how much power you purchase and return to the grid.


Do you have a small extra switchboard in the area of the inverter (PV-divider) to which the inverter and washing machine are connected? Notice that in that socket you can only connect: 1 washing machine OR 1 dryer. Please do not use an extension cable in this socket.

We are waiting for your mail and wish you a good sunny time in your new house.